We shouldn’t be allowing screenshots of toxic behavior.

This sub has wayyy too many posts of screenshots of toxic behavior. I get that it's a shame and it's partially reflective of the public lobby community, but at this point it has become very excessive to see.

Anyone who has played the game for long enough has encountered or at least seen this sort of thing, and there is no reason why we need to constantly have this shown on the front page.

This game exploded out of nowhere and we have people from all walks of life of all types coming to play – that includes the shit-heads.

The developers were not prepared for the game to be this popular, especially this suddenly, and we know in upcoming updates there will be an account system, and with that, a report function. So the issue will addressed in a major way. We do not need to keep drawing attention to these sorts of behaviors and giving the trolls a limelight on Reddit. And personally, I don't need to see some of the shitty things that are said in-game. I don't think screenshots with vile words should be upvoted to heaven and gilded several times so everyone can see it. It's a bit ridiculous.

To those who have experienced harassment in game, I'm really sorry to hear that and I hope the frequency of it goes down big time with the upcoming updates. But I don't want to see your screenshots plastered on my frontpage about it. Some of the things said are really appalling and sometimes I wonder why you would post it. I'm not saying you shouldn't talk about the harassment and pretend it doesn't exist, but there is no sense in it at all – these players are largely anonymous without an actual account system as the present, so you aren't publicly shaming them, just giving them attention. If you posted it to prove that this sort of thing happened to you or whatever, we don't need it. It's an anonymous and widely popular online game, so we know it exists already and have no reason to doubt you.

I feel for the players who have just recently joined this sub and game and have to see all this toxic crap being posted all the time. Can we just move on and make this about memes and gameplay again? I'd rather see the same meme posted everyday than kids calling each other Hard-R and other stupid shit all the time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jt4fp7/we_shouldnt_be_allowing_screenshots_of_toxic/

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