Weapon choices for a Vulture.

Greetings CMDRs, hope everyone is staying warm this fine winter day.

I've been building a vulture recently and honestly I love this little ship. One thing I haven't nailed down is weapon load out. Currently I have 2 unengineered PA's (mining bromelite for Bill Turner right now) that work pretty well, especially after switching to a trailing sight rather than leading. I think I'll probably go with efficient on them once he's unlocked. I tried 2 g3 long range beams but was underwhelmed by the damage output.

I want to try frags, but I think I'm going to load up my challenger with those, so my question is this, what is everyone's favourite load out on a vulture? PA's are sweet but they have limited ammo, and plasma slugs look to remedy that but the vultures fuel tank might hurt it there. Is there a good way to engineer burst lasers? Maybe inertial impact on some fixed bursts to eliminate ammo reliance? I'm open to suggestions. I don't mind having to fly back and resupply but not relying on ammo would be cool too.

Current build

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lflv65/weapon_choices_for_a_vulture/

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