Weapon durability – no jams, but inaccurate

So I figured I wanted to once see a gun jam myself.
Used AS VAL and it‘s currently sitting at 8.6 out of 49(repaired) durability. Yet I haven‘t encountered a single jam. What i noticed is: the weapon just sprays everywhere now(like a few dozen MOA, can‘t hit anything reliably in hideout).

Makes sense – the barrel/rifling is toast. But I‘ve never heard of them getting inaccurate due to degradation ingame.

I hope that Tarkov will display the current MOA of degraded guns in the future.

Just wanted to share because I thought it‘d be interesting to know how fucked guns behave.

Does anyone know if the inaccuracy slowly gets worse starting from 99durability or is it just a sudden XX MOA at 25 durab for example?

Edit: Weapon(&durability): https://imgur.com/a/mlb6sXj

edit 2: Updated Imgur with 2 more pics. I TAPPED(not full auto´d) 120(+1) SPP bullets aiming at the center of the first target (5m? distance). That would be a shitty MOA even for the worst shotguns.

Edit 3: yup, seems like it gradually decreases accuracy. Repaired to 13 dura and the grouping is a noticeable bit tighter… wtf am I doing with my life?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nk81a4/weapon_durability_no_jams_but_inaccurate/

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