Weapon Jamming Reflection

So with so much going on, like the heat wave event (interesting!), people have begun to forget and dismiss some of the other changes we are testing in this wipe.

After playing this wipe for a while, and enjoying my fair share of changes and updates, I've come to realize that weapon jamming really adds no memories or valuable moments to the game that otherwise would be compelling or drawing into the world, atmosphere, or player interactions. It's just frustration with no redeeming quality. The randomness, requirements to fix, and chance per weapon durability are an interesting idea, but as a video game (and meant to be drawn into) the jamming experience honestly makes me want to quit. I'm not just trying to have a salty rant, but from a game design perspective, as a player- it's doesn't make me want to come back and keep playing- to try to get better or learn from my mistakes, or anything like that. I understand they have reduced the chances of jamming since the initial reactions- but its still here, and it still happens to guns over 90%, and it's still totally lame every time.

I love this game and all it has developed into, but the jamming mechanic makes me regret spending the money for EOD. I'll take the boss two tapping through my Killa helm while I'm behind cover, but don't make me experience jamming again. We don't need more RNG. It's like randomly disabling our mouse for no reason. Why?

Thank you to the devs for listening to the community and this r/EscapefromTarkov for being an excellent platform for discussion.

Cheers! I'm taking a break…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ouwamk/weapon_jamming_reflection/

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