Weapons and damage

tl;dr: combination of weapons against a NON-engineered but well-equipped and A-rated Anaconda standing still as a target and waiting to be shot down. 2x2B Railguns & 2x3C Cannons to finish in 1-2 mins.

Tests against an Anaconda, distance=1km, beyond that damage falls off for railguns. Attacker: 7A (e.g. Python) distributor with the mod Charge enhanced+super conduits, ALL weapons STOCK and FIXED. No powers, no pledges, only what a new and ordinary Cmdr can buy. The only controversial is the engineered distributor but I wanted consistent results across all combinations. For some weapon combinations the 7A STOCK distributor will do. DISADVANTAGES of Cannons and railguns: both require ammunition. The NEVER in the notes means that the WEP capacitor with at least the pips shown will never get drained and we can fire indefinitely. A STOCK distributor with enough pips to WEP can exceed the minimum time required for destroying the opponent.


higher res, download .odt Suggested basis for more experiments, 7A STOCK distributor:

2 x 2B Railguns & 2 x 3C Cannons remove shields 00:36, armour: 00:23

notes: 4.0 pips to STOCK WEP for 04:27, 3.0 pips to ENGeD WEP for NEVER. The combination of railguns and plasmas is too taxing even for the 7A engineered distributor and the inclusion of fragment cannons adds complexity to an already complicated situation.

2 x 2B Railguns & 2 x 3C Fragment Cannons (5° jitter) remove shields: 00:33, armour: 00:24

notes: 3.0 pips to ENGeD WEP for NEVER. Railgun's speed is 850 m/s and cannon's 800 m/s.


5A STOCK distributor (Vulture): 1 x 2B Railgun & 1 x 3C Cannon shields: 01:07, armour: 00:48

notes: 3.0 pips to STOCK WEP for NEVER. Heatsinks maybe needed for prolonged railgun fire, also 3 pips to WEP will degrade ship's agility. Note that the Anaconda can afford to have several turrets on top and bottom and can hit you all the time. The above figures are the best case and blue sky scenario.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mk45un/weapons_and_damage/

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