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Curious…I nearly exclusively see pro and high mmr pub players on weaver take the MS talent over +1 germinate. Is there concrete justification as to why this is better?

For me I love having +1 germinate because the germinate adds the extra +50 base damage on the extra attack and then if you are at Daedalus the ability to crit and also the Mjolnir it just seems OP to 1 shot (if you get lucky lets say you get 2 crits out of 3 total attacks on 1 single spay and they have bugs on them and its a support) and continue to move through the fight progressing up the kill list.

IMO…the MS talent really doesn't do much outside of a little more map control, a little more escape but @ this point it really feels if the enemy catches you the enemy catches you. Sure it also helps move around a team fight a bit but with BKB and a gosh dang hand cannon popping off +50 dmg and then critted germinates really blows up everything and you just have to avoid the ol LC duel and the pesky blade mails.

Just my thoughts happy to hear yours!

Edit: 55 damage @ max Germinate !

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ltfmps/weaver_25_talent/

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