Weavess: Incantation.

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

So here I am, returning to the MO faction after time immemorial. I remember how fun the double-triple deathwish procs were and so, I've decided to give it a go.

Allright, I'm up against NG. After a bit of trading here and there we get into a drypass R2 into a long R3. I got my defender, my Caranthir and Incantation in hand. Great! I'm sure that now that I dropped defender I ca- *gets removed by Vincent*. Oh.

Well I guess that since I have carapace, I can use Caranthir, with 2 leader charges on Incantat- *Gets removed by Vilgefortz*. Oh.

Well I mean, I suppose that these were the best removals that my opponent was holding so I'll drop my OG incantation with a leader char- *Yennefer: Invocation has entered the chat*. Oh.

Oh well, I mean it's NG right? It's supposed to remove everything I have while also pointslamming my head off.

So here I am trying again. This time, against MO! Allright! Now we're talking, finally a matchup that seems not as intimidat- *Playing a wild hunt list*. Oh.

I mean, I'll keep my combo till R3. *R3 never happened*. Oh.

Oh well, 0/2 already, it's fine. Let's move on after GG'ing them both.

Next one was ST movement. Yeah I didn't even play that.

Next one was SY. Okay, I could see this happening. I could counter the bounty status with carapace, also got a defender and oh look , we even got into a long R3! Now that's just what I wanted!

Okay, so his Junior, his Freakshow and his Morelse were out of the picture. I mean I had defender and Caranthir and Incantation in hand, I was set. So let's begin with the defender! *Gets purified*. Oh.

Oh well, I guess it's not a big deal, let's just Caranthir into incantation into 2 leader char- *Heatwaved*.

Oh. I mean okay, I suppose that these were all the posible removals and since my carapace counters bounty, my last incantation will at least be on the boar- *Plays phillipa and yoinks it*. Oh.

It's okay people, eventually I'll manage to have 2 incantations on the same round and have them stick for more than 1 turn. One day people, one day!

Edit: Let's just remember that we're talking about a 10 provision card that has no veil nor 7 points like a certain ST card and on top of that it's also rowlocked. Hmm.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/og7nvp/weavess_incantation/

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