weight: let me get this straight… (to the devs)

so you people make wieght sistem an issue. fine.

cant ran fast with a big load cause "realism"… fine.

make it hard for people to level up strength cause cheaters/exploiters… fine.

being over wieght makes the character limp like an weekend boose bender… fine.

breaking legs after droping a certain hight, fuck it, you can break my third leg if you want…

but you put the limits on each weight level so low, its almost a fuking joke! reaslism shmearlism… im not saying to take away the weight sistem, at this point you boys spent so much time on it, it would be a waste of money but please lift the weight progression limits. i'll give you a fresh example: i found a tank battery for regulated materials and once i picked it up the game turned into a joke, i mean you made the character waddle around almost like a indian racist joke and he couldnt run 50meters without shitting his pants with maration explosive diarreah. PLUS, tank batteries spawn ONLY in reserve and reserve being such a big map you want me to cross the map walking around like a penguin? i've been told that spawn rate of such item is kinda bad, that in 15 raids they found the battery in 1. its like you people only tested the weight sistem in factory. wait, you did do the showcase inside factory, i ghuess that explains the lack testing but come on. i pretty sure someone complained about this? im pretty sure one streamer got the balls to say something about this… no?

no wonder most people celebrate when they get the kappa… no wonder everyone gradually stops playing when they get the kappa…

not wanting any hate against you guys but its been a few weeks since weight sistem implementation, you've had some time to check shit out. time to do those ninja changes you say doing…

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/fw9803/weight_let_me_get_this_straight_to_the_devs/

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