Well boys, i’ve discovered a new form of camping

I’m about to drop some holy rat knowledge on you guys. Are you tired of extract camping? Have you been staring at that hallway so long that you think its talking to you? Need a change of scenery? Well look no further to my new camping method!

Random Ass Bullshit Camping!

Literally set up anywhere! Thats right, anywhere! Why? Well, think about it. If you set up camp in some random ass place nobody would ever think to look, you have a much better chance of actually getting the kill! And if its one things Chads love to do, its make a fuck ton of noise in places they think are safe!

That pile of wooden boxes? Camp it! The secret staircase in Goshen? Camp that shit! Literally some random hallway that nobody ever goes through? You get the drill.

Yes, you will have games where you see nobody, but that one game where someone finally rolls up will make it allllllllllll worth it. Because if someone is sneaking around like that, they probably have good loot.

Best part, you can pop that shit on a second monitor and go study for mid-terms or something

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jcpuyp/well_boys_ive_discovered_a_new_form_of_camping/

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