Well. Taming a wolf was a very short-lived waste of time.

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I dug a hole in the mountains and tossed in 10 meat one by one. The wolf ate one then sat around for two in-game days howling. Upon taming, I discover my portal nearby was a non-option for tamed animals. Luckily, the portal and place where I tamed the wolf is on the same island as my base so I decided to just walk back. How hard could that be? It wasn't far.

The wolf got stuck in a small body of water just deep enough to swim in, and I mean it was a small ravine maybe 4 floor pieces wide, where in a Grewdraf Brute showed up, tall enough to stand in the water, and killed my wolf. I was helpess to prevent it as standing at the edge was too high up to hit the brute, then I got stuck in the ravine itself because I kept running out of stamina going from swimming to jumping and just sliding back down into the water. The wolf got stuck trying to fight the brute even though it couldn't attack because the wolf was swimming.

Bad AI and annoying environment sliding made this experience a total waste of time.

Here's the ravine we got stuck in:


The ground surround it isn't even high up at all.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/orgjh3/well_taming_a_wolf_was_a_very_shortlived_waste_of/

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