What about post raid replay? (Inspired by DOTA 2)

Ok so this is just an IDEA. Why not add a RAID replay in a form as DOTA 2 has (TBH I am surprised its not yet there as a lot of slavs play DOTA 2)?

It makes no sense to me as why the "Report" system was added to the post raid when there is absolutely no way to confirm if how you got killed was legit (if its not like obvious aimbot into the face).

If you are not familiar with DOTA 2 match replay:

  • These "replays" are stored as a file (100MB+) for only a limited time.
  • These are only available as soon as a few hours after the match.
  • You can watch every single player and their actions.
  • You have to download that file and keep it downloaded locally and watch it locally using game engine.

This would mean that you can actually:

  • watch how others play to learn
  • see how your poor decision made you die
  • make your report

Now yes you can say – additional server load. What about adding this to your local client? So it could record this and make it available after the raid is done?

What do you think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lsew74/what_about_post_raid_replay_inspired_by_dota_2/

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