What about the future of Odyssey?

I know it's a bit early, but I wanted to know, in YOUR opinion, what are the features that are planned for the future support of the Odyssey expansion?(for example, most like the horizon chapters was engineers, guardians, commanders and thargoids)Here's my release ideas:-1st update: more categories of landable planets(high-metal content, lava planets etc)-2nd update: ship interiors(being optimistic), eva exploration and related missions (maybe salvaging or external physical repair of the ships), and even a deepening of the exploration and organic life studies with more varied and more complex tools (i.e. microbiological life)-3rd update: first implementation of a cloud tech, maybe more complex planets and more chemically varied and thick atmospheres, first iteration of water like lakes, or even water worlds. (gas giants analysis and "exploration" could be added in this phase, not sure)-4th update: explorable cities (maybe procedurally generated), with landing zones and more physical stores (star citizen-like), earth-like and ammonia worlds, with flora and fauna fully analysable.

Thanks for reading my thoughts, I'm very curious about the ones of the community, I know that maybe all these features may be not even added in odyssey, but I am an optimistic person :DSee ya, space cowboys

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