what actually happens if you spam 1 hero only?

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Okay, so lets exclude that your spammable hero was banned.

Some quick example notes: I started spamming X hero. Won about 4-5 games in a row as it. Felt really strong and 'easy' in those few games (I didn't counter pick (enemies sometimes counterpick themselves) just furious insta picked my new OP hero).

Next few games while playing it, the games felt with more pressure or better enemies.


  1. Do you get matched with other people spamming a X hero that counters your?
  2. Do you get team mates that you have to lead them to victory because the game detected highly pick with higher winrate suddenly?
  3. What happens if you fail to lead your team to victory, beside losing, for example like decreasing on quality matches, more flamers, feeders or just bad players overall?

My point of view:

  1. I think you get matched with other people spamming your counter pick and have high winrate as you, so the game mixes you up against.
  2. I think at this point the game detects you as 'booster'/'smurf'? So it places you with almost new players and players that you really have to 'carry' them out to prove you aren't boosting/smurfing. I really don't have 1 single opinion on this one.
  3. Although it happens even if you have 10 winstreak with 10 different heroes, I'm aware you will get 10 lose matches unless you 'prove' that you learn and want to go forward building up more mmr.

What's your point of view?

If you have more questions and answers or something to add feel free. I'm just curious about better understanding the matchmaking system. Not that I will make it better lol

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/mz4w92/what_actually_happens_if_you_spam_1_hero_only/

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