What…an….experience….. :)

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Man… What a journey…. Amd it isnt even over yet.

Me and the wife have played every minute of this game together. Anytime im on she is too and vice versa. Playing side by side to learn and explore. I can still recall spending over 2 hours and several deaths because qe landed our boat past a small plains strip into the swamps for our first time. What a bad day that turned into.

Now… We just upgraded every last piece of equipment to max level that was iron. With that, some foods, and 5 or 6 poison potions we went to kill bonemass. It took us a little longer to down him. Kiting him in a circle infinitely until we smacked him to death. But the fight wasnt really difficult. Using the Hoe to level ground will raise it. Giving u an advantage in swampy lands.

Anyways…. We beat old bonehead and while the wife was creating her portal hub outside of our primary base… I could see it… 1 of her really old (by this time) death boxes. Just glowing in the distance between several trees from our meadows that connects to a very small shape of plains. These are not the same plains that bordered our swamp. But these were some that we died to because we were carving the map out. Trying to uncover this new island so we could make this now prestigious base. But of course a wasp (deathsquito) ended us quickly and we retreated from those plains back to the meadows to start the base.

Well back to what i was saying. I can see it. On the very border are 4 Lox. Just chillin. Wifes busy making the portal house. So i grab a few poison arrows we found in crypts and went to work. Volleying arrows their direction. Hitting them from as far as I can manage. Took me a little kiting and such…. But I killed all 4 and the wife asks "can we go in the plains now?" And I'm doubting itm but hey…. We have fully upgraded iron… And are right by the house.

Man… Can i tell u. How good it feels to come so far xD.

We are blocking Fuling spears, 1 shotting the deathquitos, and taking all the cloudberries we see. We used to be deathly afraid of these plains. We are JUST NOW gathering silver from the mountains. Never been in them before yesterday. Taking our time to hunt down wolves for armor also.

Ive played WoW, Fallout, Baldurs gate and so so so sooo many other games. But when it comes to a sense of accomplishment. Fulfillment. Experience. This game has it all. I gotta say, aside from the tiniest of details…. This game is perfect. Made wonderfully and i didnt expect to fall in love so easily or so much lol.

I gotta admit this community has been great. Provided ua with several useful tips and tricks and of course just chatting valheim in general. Sorry for the wall of text… I hope others are enjoying it this much. Dont rush. Take ur time. Just play the game how you see fit. And dont be afraid to ask for advice !

TL;DR : me and the wife were huge noobs. Now we wear suits of metal and use a glowing bow 🙂 have had so much fun

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