What are all the “intended” archetypes of each faction?

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Been seeing a lot of discussion over CDPR buffing hypermill, clog, spell'atel, etc. Or introducing "new" archetypes like Relicts. A few of the archetype names were surprises to me, and it also seems like there are some orphaned cards around in several factions from archetypes that have lost support (ST poison/dryads and handbuff for example)

I thought it would be interesting to see what archetypes there are "supposed" to be (in the impossible hypothetical scenario that ALL of them are viable). I could use some help as Im likely missing some (especially Syndicate since I know them the least).

Northern RealmsSiege, Soldiers, Mages, Witchers, Revenants, Shields, Inspired
NilfgaardSpies, Soldiers, Mill, Clog, Hyperthin, Status, Tactics, Assimilate
Scoi'atelElves, Dwarves, Harmony, Traps, Symbiosis, Spell'atel, Movement, Dryads, Handbuff
MonstersWild Hunt, Vampires, Relicts, Deathwish/Viy, Thrive, Insects
SkelligeDiscard/Lippy, Alchemy, Druids, Pirates, Witchers, Self-wound
SyndicateSalamandra, Firesworn, Crimes, Hoard, Pirates, Bounty

Im probably missing some, but jesus does ST need a rework to pair down some of these archetypes. At a minimum handbuff and dryad spam (Grovekeeper and Braenn) should change with those cards effects being changed to support other archetypes. The dryad archetype could be merged with Symbiosis really easily, and both of these archetypes have a dedicated leader ability that could be re-purposed

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/ojq4m4/what_are_all_the_intended_archetypes_of_each/

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