What are ping limits and why are people able to bypass them so easily?

This past week has been nothing but one ongoing desync/lag nightmare and it's not just due to bad servers. I have encountered SO MANY people from EU/Japan that are somehow playing on central US servers and basically teleporting around because they are lagging so bad. I should not be running into a constant stream of TTV'ers on central US servers and when I open their stream I find out that they literally live in the EU or Asia. One of them even has a little black box covering up his ping in the top right corner of his stream so you can't see how bad he is lagging.

How about some actual ping limit or checks to prevent people from spoofing their ping? Maybe something like this would actually make servers run better and people wouldn't be complaining about desync so much because the server isn't getting shafted by someone playing on it that is just weaponizing their lag.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pc7mat/what_are_ping_limits_and_why_are_people_able_to/

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