What are the key skills that define each MMR bracket for each role?

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  • Gaurdian:
  • You can get more than 50% of last hits in the lane.
  • You can execute basic combos your hero can do.
  • You understand what all the heroes and spells do.
    • You know what the core items for hero are.

– You understand when you are playing ez lane combos (cm + jugg).

  • You can get 75% of last hits in a lane.
  • You can tp to towers to defend them against pushes.
  • You smoke and go as 5 to get a kill.
  • You know lane aggro tricks.

– You understand how to secure the range creep.

  • You know when your lane is cooked and you need to jungle.

  • You can meet decent timings that resemble what the hero is played like in the pro scene.

  • You itemise to kill the enemy offlaner as revenge for the laning phase even if it loses you the game.

– You understand how to adapt your build to the lane and the game. (Hood on PL?)

  • You are aware of the map and can rotate to teamfight.

  • You can hit timings efficiently if left to your own devices with optimised farming patterns.

  • You have a vague notion of mid game objectives and will take towers and Rosh if you happen to be near them at the end of a fight.

  • You understand that the lane farm is preferable to the jungle.


  • You can smoothly stack and farm without consciously thinking too much about it.

  • You understand lane pressure and that you can chip away at towers by pushing creeps in and rotating into the jungle.

  • You understand how to tweak starting items and initial items for the lane.

  • You have viigilence around the map and can tp as pos 1 to mop up kills or save an ally.

  • You have no problem tp to the offlane if your safelane becomes the deadlane and don't hesitate to gank the enemy safelaner and force the tower.

  • you are generally aware of who appears where on the Minimap.

– You understand balancing lane pressure to create space as a pos 1.

  • You understand power spikes on both teams and will play around them.

  • You have a mindset that not joining a fight in order to farm is a huge risk that could fuck up the whole game if the enemy snowballs off it.

  • you know the difference between buying items to play the game vs playing the game to buy items.

– you play around your tp and the enemy's tp cooldowns to stretch their team into impossible formations that you exploit.

  • you understand the optimal use of your hero and which part of the map each hero wants to be in at any time.

  • you fight FOR objectives. If you don't get an objective after a teamfight, you probably shouldn't have fought at all.

  • there is no creep farming in between killing the last enemy in the team fight and getting objectives. Enemy heroes can run away but towers can't.

  • When the enemy mid arrives in your lane you fuck off no questions asked.

  • You understand your role on the team for each game. I will go in first and tank spells as slark, I will try to bait X spell.

  • you cycle through enemies constantly to understand their timings.

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