What are the least discovered places in elite and which is the better to explore?

My crew are anxious. I've brought them a long way from home and they seem to notice our progress slowing down. After months of travel and exploration we seem to have encountered that odd moment when even the very thing you love most becomes blurred and questionable. We have see things that no one else has and that we never thought possible. It was our only objective. We all looked at our home system as binding and broke free from it with all our might, projecting as far as we could go into the newness of adventure. So many things. So many wonders. So many that we have lost our vision of the forest for the trees and we stand here wondering if its enough? Too much? Is it truly of the greatest sights of our plane? We completed every goal we set before us and are now wondering…..whats next? Sitting in Pyrie Eeuq OC-M D7-1 a ricocheted destination after Beagle point we have for the first time stalled. We have the true hearts of explorers and may just simply need a new heading. Where should I point this bullet of life to strike next within the body of this most perfect universe?

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