What are the optimal game settings?

Let's take Skeld map, if map even matters.

So, what are your thoughts on balanced game settings depending on the amount of Impostors in the game. You can make game balanced even when there is 1 or 3 Impostors, but my opinion is 2 Imp per game is good.

Basically the question is, what settings do you set when you are given a host?

My settings that I find most balanced with Confirm Ejects On and Anonymous Votes Off:

Impostors: 1/2/3/

Confirm Ejects: ON

Emergency Meetings: 3

Anonymous Votes: OFF

Emergency Cooldown: 1/30 sec, 2/15 sec, 3/0 sec

Discussion Time: 15s, 3/30 sec

Voting Time: 75s, 3/90 sec

Player Speed: 1.5x

Crewmate Vision: less when 1 Impostor, more when 3 Impostors around 1.25

Impostor Vision: 1.75

Kill Cooldown: less when 1 Impostor, more when 3 Impostors around 17,5 sec

Kill Distance: Long when 1 Impostor, Medium with 2,
Short with 3

Task Bar Updates: Off when 3 Impostors

Visual Tasks: Off when 3 Impostors

1 Impostor: 2/2/2 (2 common, 2 long, 2 short)
2 Impostors: 1/1/2
3 impostors: 1/1/2

With Ejects off, there must be Visual Tasks and TBU always On

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/kivw8w/what_are_the_optimal_game_settings/

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