What are those????

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New player opinion.

why the best and coolest skins are not available for purchase and the ones designed by 12 years old are available?????. I'm new to this game and I would love to buy cosmetics like the persona ones for example but instead we have some of the worst cosmetics I have ever seen it makes me wonder if valve understands how LoL's cosmetics are profitable because 1 they are cool and 2 they are available for purchase at anytime. Why make skins and then remove them from the game lmao? no battle pass no cosmetic progression nothing which is questionable.

This is not MMO to make cosmetics rare and valuable. There is no prestige in it because having a skin doesn't reflect your skill level it just means you played in that time and played it a lot lmao so don't lock cosmetics behind arbitrary events as if your game was World of Warcraft or something. Make them available all the time and maybe harder to grind for or more expensive after the event ends but available none the less.

In MMOs cosmetics are time sensitive because it's usually locked behind some skill requirement like if you do that challenge you will get your seasonal event that will go away so come do it now!! that's their hook because that's literally the game but valve your your game isn't an MMO. People don't play your game for collection purposes so make the damn cosmetics available!

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