What are Type 9’s good for?

So I love the idea of the Type 9, a big heavy space trucker. But what are they good for? Is it mainly trading? I’ve never tried trading but i’m looking for a reason to get one and earn some money if possible along the way.

I was mid way through grinding rank to get the cutter and also building a python to go do robigo mines passenger missions as I’ve seen that there’s loads of money in that, problem is, I cba engineering the Python just for that reason so I ended up at a crossroads and stopped playing for a week or so until I could decide what I actually wanted to do.

I feel like you always need to have a goal in mind when playing Elite or else you just find yourself thinking the game is void. I might just go back out exploring to be fair but to earn cash and fly the Type 9 sound like two fun ideas. So any advice or help would be much appreciated.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/oh2p86/what_are_type_9s_good_for/

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