What are your ideas for a prestige system

Reason for this post? Pestily mentioned that Nikita had topics ready for the podcast this friday and one of those topics was a prestige system, so I thought making this post could give the boys more ideas to bounce off of on the podcast if they somehow saw this post.

If you dont know what prestige is – after finishing all (or most) quests you can choose to reset your account while getting something in return that would persist every time you choose to level prestige.

The basic premise of this is: when the game offers a "world" that doesnt wipe, at some point you run out of things to do. With this system you can choose to start from zero with some added perks which would prolong the lifetime of the playerbase and just make the game just fun for longer.

Now, the basic ideas are:

  • Keep your skills
  • Keep your secure container
  • Enlarge your pockets

I want to see some ideas >:(

I might or might not put here some ideas from comments or from my own brainstormage.

  • Unlocking Black Division stuff, mainly clothing but maybe something more if bsg can figure it out
  • Point system, where you can prestige at any point (or from a certain landmark like finishing the "Collector" quest), get a weighed amount of points based on your completion of the game and exchange these points for prestige of your choosing
  • Beards
  • Icon indicating what prestige you're on next to your name
  • Lower scav cooldown, possibly instant with max hideout
  • Extra 1×1 secure slot


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qkp14q/what_are_your_ideas_for_a_prestige_system/

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