What are your thoughts on ED?

Hey, everyone

I have tried to play ED a couple of times, buts it’s never really stuck for me, but for some reason I always have his little urge to play some ED. It’s just nice flying around hearing the amazing sounds and seeing space.

A couple different things have gotten in my way to fully enjoying the game.

1) I don’t know what I am doing, or what I should do. I really like combat so I’ve been doing combat missions, but they are so spread out and don’t pay much, buts it’s long and tedious.

Fly to X system, find beacon to find target, kill target, fly back to original system and turn in mission. It just takes so long for so little.

I also took some delivery missions but couldn’t finish them before I needed to get off. So now I have more fines than money, so ill need to restart once more.

2) the negativity in the sub when odyssey came out, almost completely took me away from this game. I don’t have odyssey, but it looks cool, is it still horrible or did they fix it?

3) not being able to land on all planets, and I wish there were more ships.

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