What can you actually do when you did everything, realistically?

Hey! I've got 330h in the game and I'm just wondering what there is realistically left to do, because I genuinely want to play the game, I really like it, but I feel like there's just nothing left. I know 330h is not a lot by any means, but I'm a boring person and I optimize the fun out of games myself so that's on me (googling fastest strats etc).

I've done all essential engineers (don't care to engineer random missile launchers etc), unlocked ships, maxed out various ships for stuff, tried Thargoid hunting, tried far exploration, planted my name on a dozen systems as first visitor, visited most notable sights, mining, combat, passenger deliveries, random missions, on foot combat, didn't do exobiology because my god that looks so boring(just personal I'm sure people enjoy it), grinded a lot of money but didn't buy a carrier cause what's the point.

I know a lot of people have thousands of hours in the game, how do you do it? My intention is not to hate/trash the game, quite the opposite.
What else can I squeeze out of this? What did other people do in situations like this? Just move on from the game?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/rxp6dd/what_can_you_actually_do_when_you_did_everything/

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