What cards would exist if there was an “American Gwent”?

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I don't know if Gwent was in the books, or if it was invented by CDPR, but within the Witcher world I imagine the game as an act of protest. It's pretty scandalous to make a card game of your political leaders.

You could insult them with the card art, or text, or the card's power level. You could secretly praise dissidents by making them powerful cards. If we were to do it today with political leaders, media personalities or other political participants like activists, I could imagine people suing because they don't like how they're represented.

But if we had the bravery of the citizens of Nilfgard, and made a card game out of American political players, what cards would you want to see included in "American Gwent", and what would their powers be?

What would the factions be? I think they'd be:

Democrats: Full of underhanded tactics and tricks, this group reminds me of Nilfgard.

Republicans: Just like Skellige, I imagine this group gaining power by damaging their opponents. Maybe they could have a special card called "Imagine if things were reversed".

Independents: Just like Northern Realms, I imagine this faction increasing their power levels by working together.

Far left: Just like Scoiatel, I imagine diversity is this faction's strength.

Far right: Monsters, Lol.

Elites: Just like Syndicate, this group has money and would do anything for more money.

What do you think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/p1nwol/what_cards_would_exist_if_there_was_an_american/

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