What “charmed” you in EFT?

I know there's many things that make EFT unique and why we love it, but sometimes you can single out a thing that really grabbed you, for one reason or another. So, what was that thing, if you can identify one, that actually got you to buy the game and stick with it?

To me, as someone who's in a wheelchair all his life, it was the sound effects of walking. I guess it's a bit cheesy, but i've always loved the sound people make when walking in snow or on rough terrain, or even the soft, leathery sound of expensive shoes in a classy hall or on cobblestone.

I remember i was amazed by the detail of the sound effects for walking in this game, going through the hills of Shoreline, mixed sound of gravel crunch, softer, basse-y steps on grass, the crazy sharp walking on glass…

Not sure if that's because i've never done it myself (walking and thus producing the sounds of it) or it's just a natural taste for such "asmr-y" sounds, but no other game has ever came close to this level of detail, crispness and quality of sound.

And yes, i know the sound SYSTEM is broken, it's actually total trash and has gotten me killed countless times, but the actual SOUNDS are incredible. I hope they fix the system running them, then it'll be perfection 😀

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/nv2nb0/what_charmed_you_in_eft/

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