What do you classify as guilty of griefing in Overwatch cases? (With examples)

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I do a fair few overwatch cases, and most of the time they’re pretty clear if they’re guilty or not (shoutout shadow amulet). However there’s a few scenarios where I’ve not been 100% sure, and wanted to hear some opinions from some people. So, a few cases I’ve not been sure on include, but aren’t limited to:

1.) Rage buying back (particularly early on in the game). Not denying items or anything when they respawn, but they’ve died and you can tell they’re tilted so they immediately buyback and farm a lane or jungle or whatever.

2.) Afk in the fountain when the game is VERY clearly over, even if the team is still trying (but I’m talking racks are gone, they’re hitting t4s, 20k+ gold lead, etc.)

3.) Buying the tome as a core when you already level 6, and one or both of your supports are not level 6 yet.

4.) Being afk in the game for 30 secs/1 min +, but coming back and playing again. (Maybe the door went? Food arrived? Etc)

5.) Not saving for buyback. Intentional or not, is it griefing the team?

Would love to hear some thoughts 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/nlryf0/what_do_you_classify_as_guilty_of_griefing_in/

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