What do you do once you’ve gotten the best “loot”?

Took considerably less time than I thought but I've gotten all the best guns, built all my desired configs and even some I didn't really care for. I've reached the stage where I no longer go to hunt loot but to seek out firefights.

Problem is once you exclude looting from the gameplay loop it becomes a little threadbare, and it wasn't exactly content-full to begin with. There's the initial 10 minutes at the start where there are no scavs and everyone's on opposing sides of the map, but even after that you'll usually only encounter clusters of 5 or so enemies at a time. The dealer Tasks are just pixel-hunting fetch quests that give me worse loot than I already have. I could fully build out my Hideout but all the bonuses are meagre and the amount of components required so grindy (not to mention the construction times) that aside from the bigger stash it has nothing to offer.

I end up resorting to offline Factory where I can set the scav population to Horde mode just so I'm not spending ages waiting around to run into someone.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ou4xjz/what_do_you_do_once_youve_gotten_the_best_loot/

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