What do you guys think or are hoping that we will get in the next expansion?

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Even if it is too early to tell, i want to know what do you guys think we possibly we will get next expansion. I did some of thoughts for what i think and hope to see in the next expansion for each faction, it is a pretty long post but you don't really need to read everything i wrote, just comment what are your hopes for the next expansion in your favorite faction.
MO: So MO can get either new vampires or something completly new, we already got 2 expansions that gave insectoids more things, deathwish always get something new each expansion, but i guess they could get more support, we got Wild Hunt recently so i dont think we will get more of them too early, or even if we will get them at all, we got already a bunch of thrive cards so that make us with few archetypes left, that leaves us with Vampires, they are the first atchetype explored for monsters on the first gwent expansion so it would make sense to explore more of the archetype, even more since they have a lot of problems that could be solved with new cards, but we got a lot of vampires reworks at the course of the game and we even got new cards on the last patch, so it probably will be a completly new archetype.

NG: NG got spies pretty recently, assimilate seems more of an archetype that should get like one or two cards that works with it, better then a whole expansion focused on them, the status archetype already is pretty strong, being an staple in all Nilfgaard decks, so they should make more archetypes playable instead of grooming only one, we got clogers last expansion and dont seems to need more cards, so that leaves us with Tactics and Soldiers, tactics seems more like assimilate, where it is better to give one or two cards for them on the expansion instead of a whole one for the archetype, so Soldiers is the best bet, they are pretty weak, pretty much unplayable since they are pretty weak in terms of points and only realy work on one round, and those points isn't even that strong as the other things we can do in the game, and it's been a long time since this archetype got some love in Iron Judgement.

NR: NR has a lot of archetypes that needs to be explored, they need better siege engines for the siege archetype, charges are pretty bad for a very long time now, they have this new "boost in deck" archetype that can be explored, but we got in the new expansion so that probably wont be it, a lot of people ask for an mage archetype, even though it doesnt actually exist currently, we have shield archetype to explore and cdpr said on the rework of nr that resupply was bad right now, but it would be better in the future, i think if they want to push resupply they could do similar to assimilate, bring one or two cards good resupply and warfare cards each expansion, and then one day do a big expansion for it. So what would you guys prefer that nr get? I do think they should bring more suport to existing archetype then bring a completly new one.

ST: In the question about ST archetypes, they are in a really good spot, they have a lot of playable archetypes, Symbiosis is pretty playable, and is a recent one so i dont think that will be it, Dwarfs are getting buffs every patch and they seem pretty playable, not needing necessarily new cards, even thought, it won't be bad to give them more dwarfs, elves are pretty damn strong already, don't think needs more cards, we got movement last expansion and it is pretty decent already, traps don't need and shouldn't even get new cards, i like traps a lot but they are a pain to play agaisnt it, bringing more traps and cards that makes you wanna play traps wouldn't be good for the game, at least in my opinion, they are in the best spot they can be, they are good but not broken, and they should never be better then that. That leaves us with the one i think has the most chances, harmony, harmony appeared on the first gwent expansion, and after some time they got really strong and was meta for a long time, the game got other cards that was pretty strong and harmony even lost their best leader, right now harmony is playable and have a decent leader, but they could easily get new cards to make them better, the best thing is that if they print more devotion cards, st has two diferent decks that devotion can work, so it make pretty easy to make devotion cards for the faction.

SK: Skellige currently have one archetype that is above all others, warriors, and it is the best one since master mirror, so i doubt they will get more support for them, and they have two other archetypes that could really get some love. The first one is druids, druids are decent, but they do need new cards, the problem i have playing with this archetype is the lack of alchemy cards, they have some good ones, but they are really few, and is kinda sad that their highest cost one is 9 provisions, i have a lot of fun with druids so i would be pretty happy if they got more cards. The other one is pirates, they released a new card in this patch together with some changes on existing pirates, we even got already an expansion focused on them with iron judgment, the thing is that pirates are pretty bad, they have a lot of problems currently and we need more cards to solve those problems, getting better bronze, better golds, better sinergy, everything could happen to make them better. We could get more selfwound cards but we already did last expansion, even if in the end most of them didn't make the deck more playable, it's pretty recent archetype so i would give some time to improve the other archetypes first beofre going back to this one. I didn't talk about the beast archetype because it enters together with the duird archetype in most cases, but i guess we could get an expansion all about them.

SY: Sy is a pretty hard faction to evaluate, at the same time the faction is very diferent from all the others, the archetypes between them are pretty similar to each other, the most diferent one is the firesworn archetype, but we got them on master mirror so they probably wont get something new, tribute got some cards in WotW together with the incredible new poison archetype, i do think tribute is pretty decent already but more cards wont do bad. Hoard was the best sy deck for some time but i guess we could get more cards for that archetype. Crimes always were playable in the recent times, and now they got pretty strong with the adition of cleaver so i don't really know if we will be getting more cards for this archetype. Bounty is a possible one for a new archetype, it is interesting and it's been a long time since we got cards that work with it, i don't know a lot about the characters that could enter SY so it is even hard for me to think what they could get, so i think that if they don't get bounty support, they will get something completly new.

Sorry for the long post but what are the archetypes you guys want to be explored?

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