What do you make first when you progress to the next “metal-age” in Valheim


I'm interested what you get first when you progress to the next stage in the game and why. New bow or melee weapon? Armor first? The next shield? Does it depend much on which stage you progress to?

I'm currently before iron age. I run around with a full upgraded Troll armor but with a bronze helmet, bronze buckler and my main melee weapon is the bronze axe. And Of course an upgraded finewood bow.

I've already marked some crypts on the map and I wonder what I want to get first. When I entered bronze age, I found getting the next bow was a no-brainer for me because the trolls where the biggest threat and at the same time an important target because of their skin. Also I wouldn't melee or block them anyway so an axe or buckler were not the top priority at that time. I think I even made the bronze helmet before any other bronze item.

What are your thoughts on that?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n90yqv/what_do_you_make_first_when_you_progress_to_the/

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