What do you think is the most chad card from each faction?

witcher gwent cards

I'm going based off a mixture of card art, ability, and relevant character lore.

I'll start:

SK, this one is pretty obvious. Arnaghad. Runners up would be Dracoturtle, Morkvarg: HoT, and Artis

ST, another easy one. Sheldon Skaggs. Shoutout to my dude Schirru though. Treant Boar is also pretty chad.

MO, Miruna, hands down. Imlerith's art is pretty chad, but his ability is totally lame, unfortunately.

NG: Joachim DeWett. Fun fact: you can play him up to 5 times with coup, yenvo, and Hen Gaidth sword. And again with Cantarella+Gorthur Gvaed for the dedicated meme connoisseur.

NR: Seltkirk of Gulet. Anseis is probably a better card, but he's a whiny little b*tch.

SY: Salamander. Nothing else even comes close.

Neutral: Regis wins, but there's a lot of chad cards here. Allgod, Igni, Yen: Conjurer, and Madoc are all pretty chad. Also Shupe.

What cards do you think stand out as exceptionally virgin or chad?

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