What do you think would happen if the game died?

(Warning: This might be a long post so I'll put this here before I forget)

So I'm starting to come back to the game after a bit, I'm a relatively new player, I've been playing for less than a year and not much recently, and I've seen a lot of talk about the game dying. So I want to know what people think would happen if the game did die.

To clarify, by the game "dying" I mean frontier shutting the servers down so nobody could play it, or at least play it online.

I've seen that frontier had some sort of offline mode plans early on in development but nothing ever came of it in the end because the game would feel empty, which I completely understand. But let's say they eventually shut down the servers, do you think they'd give us some kind of offline mode so we can sort of still enjoy the game, as empty as it would be? Just exploring, mining, and all the other things you can do alone, however it would work.

I don't understand much about business or game design, so I might've got something completely wrong and an offline mode might not be possible now, but as much as I don't understand about it I love this game so much for how immersive it is so it would be nice to have some way to carry on enjoying it if it does shut down, and I'm not saying I think the game will die soon, I'm just thinking ahead.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qxqp7z/what_do_you_think_would_happen_if_the_game_died/

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