What Dota players and Medieval Europe has in common?

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No, not the lack of shower (which is a myth by the way), but the enthusiatic way that they look for scapegoats when things get sour.

Black Plague is ravaging Europe in 1340s and killing 1/3 of its population? Must be a punishement from Gods because jews exists, that weirdos who don't love Jesus, wipe them from here. It has nothing to do with fleas or rats.

The same way, the average team starts to lose, maybe because they picked bad fights, didn't pressure the map, overextended, didn't timed their ultimates well, got an awnfull lane stage, general lack of coordination, etc… Actually no, the reason why we are losing totally is the fact that Luna bought Aganhim, this Naga Siren support, this Alchemist giving free aganhims to his teammates, this Tiny which built bloothorn to help with disables, etc… Dota 2 is a game of fixed builds and pre-concieved formulas, where just ONE single build works for that specific hero, there is no variation, nothing in between. If someone plays different from what you used for = grieving.

Just to be clear, I'm not talking about people who selected a certain role and then refuse to play it, or obvious troll cuilds who would never work in ranked setting where the players has some playing field in terms of abilities (like desolator + mark of madness crystal maiden).

What I'm saying is that people in this game are quick to shout "grieving!" for anything that is a bit different from the usual build, like if you had to always play the same meta heroes, the same way as everyone else, to have any chance of winning. But this is not how the game actually works.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/m3raha/what_dota_players_and_medieval_europe_has_in/

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