What Epic has done: Today’s examples (2/18/21)

Since you don't want me jailing in private missions — I am trying to give what Epic wants a go. I've tested some jailing alternatives, testing out the mechanics, etc, but for the most part I'm trying to play public lobbies and fight it out. Here is how it went today:

Just finished a RTS. Started with 4 players. I built it alone. Started the mission. All others left (after doing plenty of farming). I had to finish alone, trapping up each direction, finding the parts and fighting off the attack. I'm able to complete it because it was low enough PL (I'm 133, mission was 76.) If it had been a regular mission I normally would be playing I would have been out all that time and material with no chance at all at success. Thanks epic …. /umagyst

Had a 2 atlas mission in Ventures. two of the players were doing rocket rides during the fight. Thanks Epic.

Did a Ride The Lightning One player was using launch pads to leap around the map away from the fight during the fight. Almost no combat score — but he did have a high utility score. He went around finding and opening chests. So he got all the rewards. Thanks Epic.

These were not the only missions. I think I had three that went smoothly with serious playing teammates. But in no way is 50/50 an acceptable ratio. I'm not counting on here the 3 or 4 attempts to do a mission where the lobby never had a second player in it so I abandoned.

Yet nothing from Epic to help us with the horribly toxic childish player base — while forcing us to play a narrow (rather vapid at that) style of play in public lobbies.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/ln2e68/what_epic_has_done_todays_examples_21821/

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