What I found so far as max Fence karma and feedback

I reached 6.0 karma yesterday and have been playing all to this day. I now got 6.60.

– At 6.0 (or 6.5, not sure), all car extracts prices are halved by 50%.
– The Scav case timer has been significantly reduced. 85k, while a bit expensive, can be done in 1.5 hr instead of… 2.5?
– The scav cooldown also has been reduced very significantly from 10 minutes (intelligence center lvl 3, 3.0 rep) to 5 minutes (int. center lvl 3, 6.0 rep).
The chances to spawn with better loadout are somewhat increased. You are far more likely to spawn with at least an armor, full medkits (not half-used, etc) and sometimes a grenade or two. However, you may still spawn with weak gear but that's uncommon.
All scavs will react positively to your commands. However, only one scav will follow. Others will comply with your "Face the direction" order. Raiders will refuse your orders and may even open fire.
Scav Raiders are still neutral/hostile. They may sometimes be bugged. Lever/Train raiders can shoot you on sight if approached or ignore you entirely even if you are standing next to one. Probably have met Glukhar guards (haven't met the boss) who told me to f*ck off and leave. Ignoring will make them shoot you. Unknown if they will follow you and treat you friendly if Glukhar follows. All raiders will ignore/refuse your orders.
– Have not met any bosses but I imagine they will follow you if you tell them so. Not sure if the guards will treat you friendly or hostile (Glukhar, Reshala, Shturman).
– Have not had scavs running to my aid when engaging combat with hostile pmc/raider/scav. Too early to say.
– A lot more extraction options for me. In customs I used to get 3. Now, I get 6. Reserve 3. Now 7.

Now, is it worth it to increase karma? I would say… yes… maybe depends on how you play. You can find top-end ammo at ridiculously cheap prices. For example, I could buy 7.62 BP rounds only for 235 rumbles per round when on flea it's 1k per round.Furthermore, I often go reserve as scav so I can loot dead raiders. Killing a raider might be very risky as it is very hard to tell if they are guards or just raiders (killing a guard can net you -3 to -7 karma loss if you are on max karma).Other than that, the in-game perks seem to be alright.

I got some feedback.- Allow max karma scavs to recruit 2 AI followers max.
– Allow max karma scavs to recruit 1 Raider AI with a 50% chance of success/failure.
– Allow max karma scavs to spawn with (very) rare loadout such as Killa armor, Unmodified M4, etc. This is to give more incentives for player-scavs to grind for karma. More incentives = less chance for them to shoot scavs on sight.
Adjust the punishments to max scav karma. Currently, killing a boss will net you -7 karma loss (basically, the entire of your work). Guard nets you -3 loss. I find them too punishing. Why not give -3 karma loss for the boss kill and -1 karma loss for the guard as well as cap the max karma to 7.0 to prevent abuse?
– Make it so if you as max karma scav get attacked by a PMC/PSCAV or even Raider, all nearby scavs should run towards you to aid you in combat. Currently, they seem to be oblivious to what's happening.

Thank youuuu. If you found out more stuff as max karma scav, post here!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p33zpi/what_i_found_so_far_as_max_fence_karma_and/

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