what I wanted out of odyssey vs what I got.

What I wanted: ship interiors, well thought out FPS with a large variety of modular weapons, EVA, planets with actual atmospheres, a captain's area, crew quarters and more locations in my Fleet Carrier, on foot thargoids and related guardian weapons, new ships and vehicles. , What I got: a low effort FPS that belongs in 2005, bullet sponge NPCs (a player or NPC on 1%shield and 1% health In a stock maverick will take 2 direct hits from a G5 rocket launcher to kill due to overflow damage dissipating as opposed to ships how overflow goes from shield to hull) no new ships, planets with glorified shaders as "atmosphere" tiled surfaces and broken stellar lighting. Copypasta station interiors, barely functional sitting animations (took them almost a year to allow us to sit lol), grind fest on foot engineering to weld on a scope after 10 hours of grind, no purchaseable modules for guns (sights, flashlights, lasers, red dot sights, thermal imaging scope for stealth, flash suppressors, silencers, high velocity AP kinetic rounds for snipers extended mags etc. With engineering making them better).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/xl6ffh/what_i_wanted_out_of_odyssey_vs_what_i_got/

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