What if EFT had a “Game Over” possibility, with some sort of player-specific wipe that occurs?

One of the things I was surprised about with the Hideout is that everything seems to be for the "positive". Your character gains health and energy over time etc. There's never any sort of event or scenario wherein your character is threatened and must react accordingly.

For example, what if people were notified of an upcoming food or drink shortage? This would "require" players to stock up supplies in their hideout, go into raids purely to accumulate food and energy stores.

Similarly, what if your player could feel "sick" and require certain in-raid medicines to be acquired in order to keep it at bay?

(Just spit-balling here, don't take these suggestions too literally, I'm just trying to get a conversation going for the overall idea)

Extrapolate that out further and I thought… What if there was the possibility for a "Game Over"?

Something that would require players to consider something more than simply "Acquiring more juicy loots! Gimme the LEDX's!" 

What if there were events or situations that required players to momentarily shift their focus in the game away from high-value loot goblins? What might that look like?

Maybe players keep mission progress? Preserve some or all of his trader rep? Etc etc But something could happen that causes players to immediately think, "Oh crap… I GOTTA tackle this soon! Okay forget the loot runs for a while, I gotta shift focus to something else for a while…"

Thoughts? Improvements?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ea5nly/what_if_eft_had_a_game_over_possibility_with_some/

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