What if the next wipe will have the flea disabled?

Would probably be brutal, but what if they would compensate it with something?

Wouldn't fix some of the cheaters issue, rmt related, and the early getting bored situation? I mean, many wouldn't be able to just chad constantly due to crafting the items.

How do you see this working and what changes do you think it would require in order to compensate the lack of flea market? A junkbox or two, an extended stash? What else?

I never got even close to kappa because I don't play it that often and I am sure the largest majority is in the same situation. The way flea was good for me is that it helped me to just buy the items and trade them to the vendors for containers so I can sort out my stash. Then I purchased all the missing items/weapons required for the mechanic quests. Boosted me a level or 2 there with all that experience, some money and weapons some if wich I sold instantly.

I saw Deadly Slob's video yesterday and he had good points there

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qhh725/what_if_the_next_wipe_will_have_the_flea_disabled/

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