What in the tom dick and harry is going on with the steam discussions???

Why is every other post on there rife with deleted comments and banned users? These are just your average folks asking perfectly normal questions or making suggestions???

Meanwhile these same posts are littered with rude and disrespectful troll responses from users who are allowed to just run wild??

The reddit isn't like this at all.

Are the steam moderators playing favorites?

This over policing and censoring of the forums but only where the moderators deem fit is personally a huge red flag as to the type of people the developers have hired to work for them.

It is the main reason I am unlikely to purchase this game, and instead just enjoy it through the screenshots and messages I read online.

Honestly a shame and it stings a little after seeing how popular and fun this game looks, but I cannot rightly support such shady practice.

Has anybody else noticed this or have any input?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n365np/what_in_the_tom_dick_and_harry_is_going_on_with/

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