What is maybe just as bad as hackers, and should also be dealt with by InnerSloth…

The little babies who rage quit in public games as soon as the game starts just because they aren't the imposter. I would love if the upcoming account system allowed us to report them as well. Or better yest, they should just implement a lockout for anyone who quits in game. (after the game starts, not on launchpad waiting.) I'd say 5 minutes if you quit while still alive, and 2-3 minutes if you quit after you are dead. And increasingly longer for multiple infractions over a certain period.

For someone that had a legitimate reason to quit, like someone at the door, or a phone call, waiting 5 minutes will be no big deal. But for those rage quitters who only want to be imposters, they may as well stick it out and play since they have to wait 5+ minutes anyway.

That would make public games SO much better. As is it now, between the impatient game hosts who Start as soon as they get to 7-8 players so they can still have 2 imposters an the rage quitters, games often as 2 imposters versus 4 crewmaters. So the first double kill wins it. Game over in less than a minute. And it is almost always at best 6 crewmates and 2 imposters (very rare that you don't get at least 2 rage quitters) so if the imposters have any sense, it is still practically unwinnable for the crewmates.

The after death quitting lockout would be more tricky. That could do more harm than good. If people are only staying in the game because they have to to avoid the lockout, then they are not likely to do their tasks making it impossible for the crewmates to win that way. But quitting as soon as you die shifts the advantage the other way. The task bar fills up real fast when thew crewmates "complete" 4 tasks at once when someone quits. So that isn't good either. Maybe along with the lockout for quitting, they could just have dead crewmates' tasks finish on their at some rate of time. So a dead person could do it on their own if they are a non-baby and probably do it faster, but if they just sit there, at least their tasks will eventually get done. Either that or maybe just assign those tasks to a living crewmate, but also allow the dead crewmate to complete them if they want.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jpghae/what_is_maybe_just_as_bad_as_hackers_and_should/

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