What is that you think CDPR should give more attention?

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Apart from the usually discussed topics (card balance, expansions), what is that you think CDPR should dedicate more attention about this game?

I think this game lacks a lot of publicity. I knew this game just by luck.

I played Yu-Gi-Oh as a teenager and when I tried to play it again didn't have the same feeling about card games. Was going to play Hearthstone but people were hating on it, and Magic was too expensive for me.

It was really easy to know about LoR (good publicity) and knew about Gwent thanks to a pair of really low comments on posts from r/digitalcards. I started playing Gwent and LoR and just because of luck (LoR had some issues on my phone) I ended playing Gwent only.

I feel this game has a lot of problems but also a lot of good things to share. Sadly, when I tried to start some friends here they jumped to LoR since, you know, good publicity. As soon as they started looking for DCard games adds jumped out and hooked them to LoR.

I've read some comments before saying the only way to end here is having played TW3 or being interested in lore. But in my case I knew nothing about all of that. Now after some years playing Gwent I'm finishing TW2 and Sword of Destiny. This makes me think good publicity not only would be great for this game but also for the Witcher world and other CDPR games.

Anyway, love to read your comments so go ahead.

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