What is the actual point of these ganking assholes? I’m not being forced to combat log out.

Firstly, im not playing in open. If i wanted a single player space game i'd fire up colony wars on the ps1.

What is the point of ganking? I've ost 21 million in 3 days due to these pricks in my Conda. It's put me down to 1 miliion credits, and low and behold, i get interdicted by some ganking asshole again.

I even asked him not to attack me, but obviously this didnt work.

I got pissed and just did an alt+f4. Logged back in under open play just to get landed.

Seriously, what is the point? Frontier say iTs PaRt oF ThE GaMe. Well, it isn't. These trolls don;t do it for money, or piracy, its just straight up trolling. And in a real universe, engineer outposts wouldnt be populated with fat circlejerking seriel killers who do nothing but grief on people.

It's a fucking joke.

So, i'm now forced to combat log and play solo just to avoid being trolled into bankruptcy.

I've decided my single and only mission in this game now is to sell this piece of trash anaconda (seriously guys, dont bother with them), get myself the most uprated engineered FDL in history and spend my entire game in these zones attacking gankers and defending other players, seeing as the AI federal Police is a total fucking joke.

These gankers don't need to put effort in. They just sit in the same place, the same system, day after day after day making other players lives misery.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/l0uudu/what_is_the_actual_point_of_these_ganking/

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