What is the cheesiest / highest winrate hero on pubs between 2 and 3k mmr? An then between 3 and 4k? Let’s assume I am 3500-4000 MMR real skill bracket.

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I have finally boosted my behavior score to over 9000 and I am sad to state that 2k plays are a total shit turd of a fuckfest.

So I am asking for tips for cheesiest heroes that can snowball the whole game on their own.

My experience in 2k so far.

If I play support my carry cannot last hit and/or feeds all game long.

If I play mid / core then my supports go afk jungle for most of the game. Which is fine at laning stage as I can farm on my own but definitely can't win the game on my own with a regular carry pick.

I am not even gonna comment on cores never buying BKBs and supports never warding. I thought that was exclusive to low behavior but apparently supports are so dumb in 2k that I outward them as a carry player becuase it's better spend that few extra than having no vision.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/s185lm/what_is_the_cheesiest_highest_winrate_hero_on/

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