What is the Norse equivalent of a Darwin award?

fictional character

So much for my level 100 Run skill…

I just died to a Drake. I decided to go mine some more silver. Why you might ask? Because I was bored. I just filled a full chest of iron, and I thought I've only got a couple pieces of silver.

So I go to the mountains, find a vein, and I mine it to my heart's content. I activate Eikthyr and I make the run home with my first load of silver. Drop the order off in the chest. Go through my portal back to the vein. And get one shotted by a Drake within five seconds of emerging from the portal. I'm wearing padded freaking armor. Wtf?

Did I mention that it was raining at my base? That one I emerged in the mountains I began freezing? That instead of eating premium foods, I was conserving my resources. Honey, bread, and turnip stew.

I can't believe I just died in the mountains. It's going to take forever to get my run skilled back up to 100 from 95. I log out and take a break.

Once I get my head right I log back in. I retrieve my items. I continue hauling my silver back to my base.

I make one final portal trip back to the vein, to collect the rocks and wood that I had left there. And damn if the same thing doesn't happen again… I get one shotted a second time by a Drake.

All because of that wetness freezing effect. I could have simply had my portal in a small hut. I could have used premium food. The list of things that I should have done different…

But instead I now have my run skill down at 90, as well as the 10% hit I've taken to all of my other skills.

All this for silver that I didn't need. ..

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