What is the point of the new update if …

Jail building still works and still 100% AFK-able? (Its rather simple actually with a few changes, if anything its cheaper without wasting traps).

What happened in return is we rendered 3 core game traps and 2 others useless. A mythic hero's ability in addition to one of the best Constructors in the game have been also rendered pointless. Oh wait, its useless solely after 5 uses right? I stand corrected I apologize.

While I won't defend jail building or attack it I will say this, people found it through in game mechanics that the game provided. There were no glitches or bugs used. People have known about it for at least a year. Whether it presents a lazy play style that people may not approve of or not is besides the point.

I have been honestly thinking about all possible solutions. Reducing buildings health further drifting away from the essence of the game? Further nerf or remove the abilities of heroes which Epic built the better part of 2019 promoting the hero loadouts? Make damage traps or guns more powerful?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/lmjtpc/what_is_the_point_of_the_new_update_if/

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