What is the purpose of the secure container?

I get it; it's a safe-space immune from the usual hardcore death penalty. But why?

Think of the items most commonly placed into the secure container:

  • high value loot
  • key-bar
  • dogtag case / doc case
  • medical items
  • high value attachments (like NVG)

And I get it; items like the key-bar are rare and pricy and can hold nearly a million rubles worth of keys on them.

But why is a key-bar rare? Why are keys, which can be duplicated at any hardware store for $1, rare, and not easily duplicateable or replaceable? Why is a manila folder to store documents rare? Why is a baggie to hold dog tags or any other loose item rare?

My point is, rather than balancing the game around this exception, wouldn't it be simpler to remove the need for the exception in the first place?

What if keys weren't this elusive, perishable resource? What if dog tags weren't a tangible item that takes space, but were abstracted to a token-system to record pvp kills? Looting a PMC auto-collects the dog tag, done.

And then we get to the problem with hatchlings and disconnect-abusers: storing high-value loot / items.

Why are some loot items not lootable from dead players? Why isn't the player's entire inventory fair game? It would certainly solve the problem and be a lot simpler than classifying and balancing the entire game's inventory of items around a "can" and "cannot" place in secure container tag.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/eci5y9/what_is_the_purpose_of_the_secure_container/

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