What is with the major uptick in cheating?

In the last week My team and myself have all been wiped by a plethora of non EOD level 1-20’s with obvious hacks. Usually with a 5-7 pistol head eyes all of us, it’s every other raid now all of us will die with just head shots, same story.

We even had one kill us from under the map on reserve. Another one was invincible and just wiggled while we lit him up then one tapped us all. I’ve been playing since .7, I have ETS servers, I have seen the previous waves of hacks and that sucked but it was out down fairly quickly by battlestate. This seems like it is a new wave of hacks now. It’s upsetting to see a game I love fall apart and have such a virulent issue, this really kills it for us and just sucks.

We are all taking a break from tarkov for now. Let me know if everyone’s experiencing this collectively or if we are all having bad luck with them.

Update: It took one google search to find glow hacks, wall hacks, speed hacks, all cheaper then I’ve ever seen them… Nikita, please fix.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/njkl8y/what_is_with_the_major_uptick_in_cheating/

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