What kind of QOL additions would you like to see in Elite?

Talking about small but convenient features that you think would improve the gameplay of Elite. Just a little brainstorming, no demands or anything.

I've recently returned to Elite after a long break, and this is some of the stuff I noticed in the past few days. Would like to hear the communities take on these, and if anyone has other suggestions for additional QOL features!

  • Hotkey for supercruise assist or option to turn it on by default in ship settings
  • Hotkey to select closest, next, previous material/item
  • Settings to scoop every item in range without selection
  • Search bar for game controls
  • Search bar for commodity markets
  • Search bar for mission rewards (certain materials for example)
  • Option for the commodity market sell menu to only displaying items you're carrying
  • Removing the forced animation for hardpoints (not the animation itself, just the menu locking up)
  • 'Navigate to target' button for mission overviews (when possible)
  • Pinning mission targets at the top of the Nav menu
  • 'Show mission' button for mission targets in the Nav menu
  • More sorting functionality for the Nav menu (e.g. sort by type)
  • Filters for Nav menu should exclude, not include types
  • The materials menu should be moved to the storage tab

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/p8rzdg/what_kind_of_qol_additions_would_you_like_to_see/

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