What servers/maps do you play on and what is your perceived amount of hackers?

I’ve been seeing quite a few people talking about an increase in cheating activity lately. I remember seeing on the BSG forums a while back that cheating has its highest prevalence on EU and Australia servers with high-ping Chinese hackers doing most of the cheating.

I personally play primarily on southern US servers and play Interchange, Shoreline, Customs (main) and Reserve and haven’t noticed any blatant instances of cheating as of late. I stay away from Labs because I was told by some friends early on “that’s where all the hackers are.”

I’d like to open this discussion as a sort of reference for players that may be reading about the issue and try to get some specificity around the claims being made.

If you could respond with what servers/maps you’ve been playing on and what kind of cheating prevalence you’re currently seeing I and I’m sure others would be interested to know.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/gr4qho/what_serversmaps_do_you_play_on_and_what_is_your/

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