What the hell is up with the HIP 63835 black hole?

I went to the system knowing very well what I’d see: the 14 star Picasso painting that was the HIP 63835 system. I grew overconfident and curious in my heatsink-less Anaconda, decided to go to a black hole and scan it so I can sell the data later. I was going slow and steady as you do with black holes, dropped out with a destination lock which put me 90km away from it. I instantly noticed my heat gauge starting to increase rapidly, at first I thought nothing of it thinking I was too close, so I turned around and boosted straight away from it. Yet my heat kept increasing to 150%. At this point my fsd was still cooling down, so I decided to pop a heatsink, but my neglect to reload my heatsink launchers for a 300Ly trip caught up to me. After the realization of having no heatsinks left hit me, I instantly did a heatsink injection, the cool down was finally over so I logically tried to GTFO. At the time I was flying away I was at a damn >250% heat with the black hole over 150km away, when the injection finally ended. I popped the heatsink and got away with almost all modules at a mere 30-50% health, searching for the nearest starport or carrier ship. My question is: What the fuck is wrong with the black hole? I read a few people that had this happen years ago, but I never thought that it would actually happen to me.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/pa9rv4/what_the_hell_is_up_with_the_hip_63835_black_hole/

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